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The Importance of Balancing the Functional with the Visual

In the vast majority of cases, the individuals who purchase and live in a home, whether new or a resale, are not the same people who actually build the home. Consequently, while the owners can sway such visual aspects as the choice of flooring, type of countertops, and the style of windows/doors, it is often the functionality and optimal use of space within a home that is ultimately be less than ideal.
There are undoubtedly many homeowners who can recount stories about discovering space-related issues within their floor plans and of their subsequent experiences in trying to rectify or just accepting those conditions after-the-fact.

Examples of such situations might include:

  • Inaccessible space/unreachable corners in kitchen cabinets
  • An inability to fully open drawers, cabinet doors, dishwashers
  • Insufficient closet space; inadequate design of existing closets
  • Standardized wall units or shelving with limited if any flexibility
Additionally, due to inherent subtleties in the blueprints of any homes or businesses, as well as the specific needs of the respective family or owner, all Acmeko Woodworking projects are unique in nature. In other words, our work is customized to the individual structure and to the personal desires of the residents/occupants – we will not attempt to force/install any pre-built or mass-produced cabinetry into a space for the sake of convenience or time.

Why Choose Acmeko Woodworking Services?

Irrespective of the size or scope of a project, Acmeko Woodworking is unwavering in our commitment to customer satisfaction in all aspects of our work. Every project is motivated by a passion to deliver the utmost in convenience, practicality, and appeal for the space that is being adapted or customized – without compromise or concession in quality or integrity at any stage of the process.

We can provide our expertise in custom cabinetry design and construction for the following:

One facet that distinguishes our work is the attention paid to how our customers will utilize their newly-created space; from our perspective, all designs and installations must offer full functionality to be considered completely suitable and acceptable.

To discuss custom woodworking options to maximize underutilized space in your residential or commercial property, call the skilled specialists from Acmeko Woodworking today at 416-319-8002 to schedule your no-obligation consultation.